Tips for installing floor registers

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Published: 29th November 2010
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Undoubtedly, installing of floor registers in a room for the first time will be tough than replacing the broken and previous register. Here are the some important tips that will certainly help you in both the ways whether you have never install floor registers before or if you are going to replace the old register. When you are installing the register the very first time then the register must be installed according to the measure of the flooring. It will be perfect if register will be installed near a wall surface. If you are having wooden flooring then it would be easy to apply register as sometimes for existing floors, you will have to cut the floor in order to make the register fit into it.

On the other hand if you are just replacing your old and broken register then you have to do only one thing is to get the right sized register for your floor. It must be of same type and same measurement. For this you have to bring the old register to the store then they will provide you the register which could fit in that space. Floor register always provided with both top and bottom register. Top register is that which is visible to the eyes whereas bottom register is installed into the covered part of the floor. So there is no doubt that bottom register needs enough space where it can installed easily.

Moreover setting of the both top register and bottom register should be very well-installed. Before the setting of the top register, bottom register is installed and therefore it is considered as the register frame. After that top register is installed on the frame. Sometimes registers needs some needle and screws whereas some can be manage with only wooden glue easily. Screws and needles are used in installing floor registers for the purpose of security. But to get a good access from the bottom register most of the people leave the top register unsecured and so they do not use screws and needles in their top register.

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